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Chiang Mai

Wat Po: Bangkok Thailand

Jay showing off Thai Fondu

Temple of the Reclining Budda, Wat Po, Bangkok...
The beautiful budda behind me, in one of the many temples in Chiang Mai
Me outside the same temple in Chiang Mai

It's not letting me upload more than 2 photos per blog. So please check out my gallery and you'll find all new pictures in it. THey're not labled yet, but there're in there somewhere, and I'll keep working on it.
Some thoughts from the last few days:
no matter what you do, cold showers, dabbing with cold towels, one just remains slick with sweat, face shinyness constantly. Drink water, LOTS of water!
It rains here, suddenly. and then its over. Its like someone dumps a bucket on your head and then the water runs out.
The mossies here are capable of bowling you over. like one nearly knocked me over...someone told me that they are the national bird of thailand. They're not that aggressive though, interestingly enough. THey sort of come by check you out, and maybe every 3rd or 4th one will actually try a nibble...strange creatures....
There are less mossies here at NATs G.H. I suppose because there isn't any foliage. But there is a mossie living in my bathroom because they hang out in the standing water. ick.
Two days ago I took it nice and easy. I was really too tired to enjoy it fully. Once settled in GAPS guest house this I walked around a bit. I took a delicoius breakfast of fried rice with pinapple, and a banana smoothie...they make killer smoothies here! Then I walked and walked and oogled and talked to some tour operators, but honestly Everything is so tourist-oriented, i'm not even interested in doing tours out of Chiang Mai. I think I'm going to head to Pai on Monday and check out tours from there. This place kinda reminds me of Panama City...well, better of course, but its just too full of tourists really--kinda ruins the beauty of the place. None the less, that's no reason not to enjoy what Chiang Mai offers. And it does offer a lot. There are tons of used book stores and shops full of really beautiful fabrics and clothing. If you can get by paying 3-8 dollars for tee-shirsts, skirts and scarfs in Bankok, you can get it for less here, and if you pay like 20-25 bucks for something, its like the most beautiufl thing you ever saw...I've got my eye of several articles of clothing that I'll buy if I kep my expendutures low here over the next few days.
That evening I met an english bloke Jay whom I've been talking to online for months now. We fianlly met and walked to the night market. Golly they sell everything you could ever want there!! THen we walked down "thai street" so called because nothing is really oriented towards tourists, meaning that everything is cheap, although somewhat more difficult to know what your getting ahead of time. No matter, we knew! We had Thai fondu! They gave you like a clay double boiler with coals in the bottom and soup in the top and we ordered raw meats and veggies and cooked them in the broth...it was SOOO good, and aout 100 B, like 3 bucks! mmmmm I was still exhausted, so around 9 we called it a night and I went back to my A/'C room and slept like a damn log...zzzz. I had a good breakfast this morning, included int he price. scrambled eggs, pinapple, toast and marmalade, and GOOOOD THai coffee.
I moved to NAT's GH yesterday morning but took off early in the day to explore the city. I saw some really beautiful temples and Their photo's are included in this blog but unfortunatly there are many more photographs that I can't include at the moment. By evening I was really craving company, but having spent the day walking about alone, I didn't get to know anyone. I wandered down to the night market and was drawn into an irish pub, as I usully am. There I met a really nice ex-patriot kiwi gentleman, who chefs at a local high end hotel. We hit it off well, got a bite, browsed the markets, then ended up dipping into a thai boxing match. wow!
The thai boxing was obviously pretty sugar coated, and winners and losers were determined from the beginning but they still fought fairly hard, and the punches sounded convincing. The main event was when 2 little boys, i mean LITTLE, maybe 10 or 12 years old, came out all greased up and ready to fight. And they fought well!! They went 5 rounds and neither of them won... but it really got the crowed riled up. Then Kiwi man and I played a few rounds of pool. He was a perfect gentleman: i really appreciated that. Its much nicer talking and socializing with older men who have careers and interests and other things on their mind than what a 20-something-year-old does. We parted without even a peck on the cheek, although I might have wanted that but was too shy to initiate myself.
This morning was a bundle of success in terms of making friends. I decided to have a quiet day just hanging out in the commons area. There are SO SO SO Many crazy characters here!! There's Sarah, the receptionist-don't reminder her she's a boy, she doesn't know it. She's outragiously hilarious and quick tounged and she's taking a bunch of us out tonight for a night on the town. Rachael is coming, a tall blond from Surry, England whose been teaching english in the hill tribes out here. Katie and Sara are coming too, two pretty American girls who i just met moments ago. Kon is coming, a Thai boy and I think a relative of Sarah's: Yon, whose outfit today looked like an exploded pink and orange highlighter attacked him and whose into biking the countryside, kyacking, camping and yoga. Big Boy, I have NO idea his name but Sarah calls him that, a german that keeps to himself through a haze of smoke and reads books-he's really nice, just reserved. Hopefully Alexander won't be coming, if we can all avoid him, he's perfectly harmless, but possibly born without a personality. He sort of hangs around the hostel in a drunken stupor, most of the time, pathetically mullin in his solitaryness, asking all the girls to go out with him, or trying to latch on to other peoples ideas, but offering no impedus for doing anything of his own accord. I have no idea why people like him travel. ANYHOW, there's probably more people coming too, and we're going for Sushi and the night market and then to a Reggae bar! fun!
Okay, i'm out, there are people waiting for the computer. Lata!

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