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May 2008

Beginnings are Delicate Things

...a quote from Dune. And they are. Combating Uncertainty and Fear with Research and Solemn Promises

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I have been immersed in Western Culture for all of my 24 years. Do not take that as an indignant statement.

I have seen more than my share of lovely sights than many are blessed to see. I was born upon the green lush gulf stream laden gem that is Ireland and since leapt the brawning Atlantic. I’ve lived my share of New England Winters and Sultry Southern Summers. I sailed in Long Island Sound and I’ve slid down the slopes of Montana. I raced across the ever changing landscape of Wyoming in the back of a convertible, and trod upon serene lakes in the Colorado Rockies. I saw rain move in on the slopes of Orange County and dipped my fingers into the Pacific on Laguna Beach. I searched for Serenity in the gorges and ice caves of New Mexico, and dipped my body in the Gulf of Mexico in many places: Corpus Christi, Destin, and Tampa Bay. I’ve sojourned to hidden valleys in West Virginia, trod the Appalachian trail in North Carolina, and placed my footprints in Helen, Rome, Athens, and Savannah.

Furthermore, I’ve seen the sunny shores of the Almafi Coast, and seen the cool blue green waters of the Mediterranean. I touched the dust laden bricks at Pompeii and sat in the cool darkness of Peters Cathedral in the heart of Rome. I breathed the Austrian air at dusk and sipped homemade wine in the vineyards of Hungary after a long day hiking though the dense Hungarian forest. I scaled walls and bridges and portcullises in Budapest and gazed upon endless fields of sunflowers and lavender in France. I saw the flag stones where Marie Antoinette’s blood was spilt and the bright lights of Paris.

I’ve been back to my home country, enchanted as ever by its holy burial mounds, soaring limestone cliffs and scattered ruins which hint at a history packed densely with allure and magic. I don’t want to go to Europe. I want to go somewhere entirely different and be immersed in another culture for as long as is best for me.

I’m from a traveling family. Maybe this is why I travel. My Biologicals brought me thousands of miles across open water, and my Adaptive Families have moved ever further from that center. My beloved Aunt Cathy lives on her boat in the South Pacific, her horizons changing as the winds change. My Uncle Patrick lives the mariners life as well, on his boat in Grand Cayman. My Dear Adoptive Grandparents lived on the mighty Kuan Yin for many years sailing to and fro the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They passed that vessel to my Mother and Step-father, who care for it lovingly, preparing for their own sojourns upon it later in life. I have cousins and aunts on my mothers side that have traveled, worked and lived from Spain to Holland, to South America and Vietnam. My own father has seen Africa and South East Asia. My heart sprung from a family of wind spirits and I have been called to see a new horizon, to inter into my ancestral line a vision of new worlds that offer new perspectives and experiences leading to life long inspirations.

So having finished college, I am setting out on my own great adventure. I know that there shall be challenges and hardships, but I am convinced that the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices. Last January I had no savings or plans. In 8 months I saved and planned this whole trip.

I was able to do so by creating a strict budget and keeping track of even the smallest expenses. I stopped eating out and joining my friends for late night drinks. This alone saved hundreds of dollars a month. I cooked for myself and even made lunches and brought them to work. I cut off going to movies as well as renting them, and spent a lot of my free time immersed in research for the trip. I even downgraded my phone plan (oh how I miss my old sidekick!).

Staying motivated was easy as I aspired to keep monthly goals. I bought my plane tickets by April and had my shots done in June. I hung pictures of the places I wanted to go on my wall, so that whenever I got down and needed a boost, one look at the wall reminded me that Fiji was in my reach!!! I also bought equipment I needed as I went along.

I did a lot of research to determine what I needed to bring along with me. Travelers Point was an invaluable resource when it came to narrowing down the needs I would have for the trip. I really wanted to pack as light as possible. Two things I would have done differently (note: I edited after the trip >:) Is NOT have brought a mosquito net (I never used it) and I would have brought a much smaller homemade first aid kit.

So now, with my backpack on my shoulders and my plane tickets in hand I am ready to set off on a trip of a lifetime.......................or maybe just the trip which would get my REAL appetite for travel whetted.....

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